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A Year And A Day

The Handfasting is an epic tale of a family’s struggle to survive on an alien planet. Book 1 – A Year And A Day, A witch from the right side of the tracks finds herself paired with a hard-bitten soldier handpicked by a computer program.

Katherine’s world was in trouble. A bio-weapon killed or sterilized all the male colonists.  Without an innovative solution, the colony will die out. The Matchmaker Program finds ex-soldiers without a planet and offers them a new home, pairing them with women willing to sacrifice all to save their colony. Lieutenant Zack Jackson desperately needs a new home for his five orphan dependents. When the Matchmaker Program chooses Katherine for him is it a match made in Heaven or Hell? Katherine needs to find out in a hurry because Zack’s five foundlings are too smart for their own good. She and Zack must find a way to keep their kids safe from the Thieves Guild who want back what they stole. Plus she is falling for her new husband and hasn’t a clue if he feels the same about her…