A Review of “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”

by Amamda Quick aka Jayne Anne Krenz aka Jayne Castle, etc

A review by Mystery Loves History

Four Stars

The 1930’s is a new era in history for Krenz and it sometimes takes her several books to find her feet when she switches time periods. I refer here not to the actual story itself but to a feel for the mores and customs of a particular era. I have no doubt she will be more at home in the next book. And I DO hope there is a next book. The ending of this one certainly set it up for one.

The story itself is excellent, and the mystery is beautifully done, with plenty of red herring suspects to throw the reader off the track. True mystery writers always play a kind of guessing game with their readers, in which the writer may drop clues to the mystery, but uses misdirection to distract the reader from guessing the solution too soon. Krenz did great here and like all good mystery writers she played fair: the clues are there if the reader is paying attention.


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