Another Winner By Patricia Rice

This review is from: Mystery Loves History aka Gail Daley

Chemistry of Magic: Unexpected Magic Book Five (Kindle Edition)

Patricia Rice has done it again. This latest series follows the Saga of the Malcolm family a little closer to modern times into the Industrial Revolution. The romantic comedy in this story is overlaid by plots and counter plots as well as a hard look at the way women were treated in the early half of the 19th century. Rice manages to get the point about this across without ever sacrificing the entertainment value of her story.

Our heroine this time, is a Malcom woman scientist who considers herself unattractive. Thanks to her grandfather, who left her a fortune but didn’t trust her to handle it herself, she needs to get married if she wants the freedom to pursue her interests. She picks another scientist to marry; a man reputed to be dying of consumption. He agrees to marry her because he needs her money to support his mother and sisters after he dies.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read William’s story (he’s next), when Rice takes us through those marvelously logical Ives brothers we met earlier.

Five Stars


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