An Alien Worlds Romance— a warrior/priestess teams up with a Bard from another world and genetically created children to defeat a deadly enemy and save their planet from destruction

small-image-4-publicity-all-our-tomorrowsLady Drusilla O’Teague, born of a powerful line of psychically gifted women; she has been trained from birth as warrior and Dragon Talker. She learned to distrust her own feelings as child when she was unable to shield herself from the seesaw emotions of others.

Lucas Lewellyn an off-world survivor of the Karamine Wars was bred from a tribe of Shamans and Bards. He was given the inherent ability to compel with his voice, but he is untrained in the use of his powers. He knows when he meets Drusilla the first time that their destinies are linked, but will she admit it?

Their world of Vensoog is in danger. The Thieves Guild wants the deposits of Azorite—the mighty crystals used to power spaceships and found in large numbers on Vensoog. To save their world, Drusilla and Lucas are going to need the help of the genetically crafted children created by those threatening Vensoog. Together they must drive off the Guild and defeat their enemies.

Juliette Jones—crafted in the Guild’s genetic Labs to be super smart, ruthless, wily and conniving–the perfect spy. But the Guild never realized they had also given her a loving heart.

Lucinda Karns—the daughter of a Thieves Guild Lieutenant, she was given enhanced creativity genes to make her the perfect icy thinker and planner; but those genes sparked a need for balance giving her a moral compass.

Violet Ishimara— She was designed with a high degree of empathy to be a tool for the Guild, but her alliance with the Vensoog Sand Dragon Jelli gave her the courage to stand up to her masters.

Rupert, the intuitive chemist and Roderick, the electronic genius — Orphaned twins who were seen by the Guild as tools to turn into weapons, turned out to be a lot tougher than the Guild expected.

Available on Amazon by Dec 19, 2016. Give yourself a book for Christmas!



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